Barefoot or Bust - Keith St. Onge

Keith St. Onge is basically the best barefoot water skiier on planet earth.  On this episode, he shares his passion for the sport and some tips for people who are just starting out on the water. 

Calvin and Jeremy also chat a little about their plans for another fake holiday, National Adventure Day, coming up on October 14th.
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Keith's Practical Tip:

Get out and travel!

Brewing the Perfect Cup with Kinsley Koons

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a cappuccino and a latte is? Wonder no more! Kinsley Koons is here, and shares some of the deep dark secrets from the world of Third Wave Coffee. She also breaks down the stigma around the habits of elitist hipster coffee lovers, and gives some practical advice to make your cup of Joe more delicious.

Her adventure in the world of food and drink brought her to one of the best cafes in the universe, so listen in as she shares her stories and expertise.

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The Unlikely Adventurer - Cole McFarlane

Risk taking, extreme sports, fire breathing and not wearing a seatbelt. None of these describe this week's guest.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to our wonderfully talented producer, Cole McFarlane.

On this episode, he shares the story of how he has become more adventurous since starting the podcast journey with us.

A lengthy bike trip has tested his endurance, Pokemon Go has grown his social sphere and he has learned to make more room for others in his life. 

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Cole's Practical Tip:

Play Pokemon Go, and surround yourself with adventurous people!

Jordan Axani on Going Viral

On this episode, Jordan Axani tells us about the time he found himself at the centre of the largest human interest story in the history of the Internet. What could possibly go wrong?!

Fame, fortune, Hollywood, travel, adventure, high highs, low lows - Jordan's uncut story has it all. Part 1 of Jordan's story airs this week; Part 2 arrives next week.

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Summer Kick-Off

On this episode, Jeremy and Calvin share some amazing tips on how to make this summer the best of your life.

If you can't find adventure this summer after listening to this episode, you are a lost cause...

The boys also chat about current events, Jeremy's dead hedgehog Gus, and why guys don't wash their hands after they go to the washroom.

Below is a summary of their advice with some fun pics!


JEREMY'S ADVICE: Start a lemonade stand!

CALVIN'S ADVICE: Become a tree planter for the summer!


JEREMY'S ADVICE: Plant a garden and learn about where our food comes from!

CALVIN'S ADVICE: Cook a new meal and make a mess!


JEREMY'S ADVICE: Lean to water ski!

CALVIN'S ADVICE: Shoot some hoops with the kids at the park!


JEREMY'S ADVICE: Explore the caves in Tobermory!

CALVIN'S ADVICE: Hit a major city and do some urban exploring!


JEREMY'S ADVICE: Go busking with your friends!

CALVIN'S ADVICE: Take up photography!

Graeme Jenvey - Video Producer, Woodworker, Beekeeper, Adventurer

Where on earth does one begin when talking about a guy like Graeme Jenvey?

Graeme is a true jack of all trades. If he isn't out filming and photographing some of the most beautiful cars in the world, you can be sure he is tending to his colony of buzzing bees. If he's not doing that, he is probably making furniture. Oh, and if you can't find him in his shop, he is likely out flying his drone with his dog by his side. 

Graeme recently began to document his many adventures with (basically) daily VLOGS. You can find his YouTube channel HERE

On the podcast, we hear some crazy stories about his adventures, and talk about what has motivated Graeme to get off the couch and live an adventure every day.

Musical feature in this episode: Mount Farewell




DJ CEO - Arts & Culture

DJ CEO got his start by following one of his life's mottos: say yes now, learn later.

On this episode, he shares the unconventional story of how he started DJing, and where he has taken his craft to today. Whether he is lining up corporate gigs (some of his clients include Nike, Zara and Guess) or playing at universities, you can be sure that he is hustling wherever he goes. 

DJ CEO also shares some inspiring tips on how to get past fears and obstacles as you seek to find more adventure in your everyday. 

Also in this episode, Jeremy talks about how he and his wife are going to be moving in with some friends for a year to find adventure, community and to save some $! You will also hear a positive update on Calvin's new bee colony.

Guest adventure tip from SHAD.

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Want to begin your own mixing adventure?

Jeremy Worley - The Worley Co. - Entrepreneurship

Jeremy Worley... He's a guy who could hack into the government's security system and steal classified intellectual property, rendering The Man utterly defenceless and leverage-less as he coerces Secret Service agents to paint a giant smiley face on the White House lawn.

Ok... maybe that's a little ridiculous, but that's how his mind works.  Jeremy is a "creative" - and a busy one at that. Jeremy has started his own design company (The Worley Co.), and started a co-working space (Welcome Fellow), all while holding down a full time job. Jeremy does business, art, and life differently, and his mantra of "goods that do good" colours everything he does.

Tune in as we discuss drive, working with intention and, of course, his tips on the challenge of learning how to find adventure in the everyday. 

Musical Feature: Maps