Ben - The Last Bison - Arts and Culture

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Okay, that saying doesn't really apply, but we are talking with a real rockstar on this episode of the podcast.

Ben has a passion for playing music—which comes as no surprise if you’ve seen his band The Last Bison play. Hot diggity!

On this episode, Ben walks us through the journey he has been on with The Last Bison—from the crazy idea of starting a band to later climbing the charts.

Ben has the attitude of “just being along for the ride" which seems to have played a part in his band’s success. This easy-going attitude was on display when he was in da club with Lil' Wayne sipping Patron and witnessed Paris Hilton have the door slammed in her face because she wasn’t on the guest list. (We only scratched the surface of the wild stories Ben could tell us...)

Ben has finding adventure in the everyday down to a science. Oh well… Guess our podcast can’t help him.


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